Give Karen McCrocklin a microphone. Really. Try it.

And listen long enough and she’s bound to not only crack you up, she’ll gently shake you up, too. That’s because Karen has the type of electric energy that engages, ignites and unifies all types of audiences.

Quite simply, Karen is a storyteller. A curator of fresh ideas. And like all good storytellers and teachers, she understands how to weave her words in such a way to take you on a transformational journey. Sometimes without you even realizing it.

Over the years Karen has presented to groups of all sizes, from intimate workshops to keynote events. So she understands how to perfectly tailor each talk to ensure everyone walks away with a new kernel of inspiration and a new understanding of their truth.

  • Celebrating LGBTQ history & activism
  • Speaking OUT
  • Loving & affirming yourself
  • Stepping into your greatness
  • Living loving relationships

Whether you’re looking for a keynote, panelist or presenter, Karen would love to explore how she could work with your group.